The History Of WheresMyChallenge

The Beginning!

In the spring of 2010 three very bored 20 Year Old's decided to start a YouTube channel. These three guys were Harry, Paul and Shawn and they were unaware at the time that they were going to create a channel that would amass over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Many names were discussed before before coming to a final decision such as 'Clunge Busters'. Thankfully the name Dude! Where's My Challenge? was chosen after hours of shooting names at each other. However due to the early days of YouTube their were restrictions on how many characters you could use on a username. So the name was shortened to 'WheresMyChallenge' 

As Paul had an empty house for a month all three guys spent lots of time filming lots of mini challenges. A lot of these challenges never made it to YouTube such as Paul eating a raw Potato & Shawn chugging a pint of gravy. The first WheresMyChallenge video to make it on to YouTube was the 'Holding Breath Underwater Challenge' where Paul had to hold his breath underwater for over 1 minute. Unfortunately Paul was waiting for Harry and Shawn to let him know he passed the challenge but they never did so Paul swallowed a lot of water and was left gasping for air at the end of the video.